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Filler Jobs, Dream Jobs, and Ugly Girls: Guidance for Graduates

jobIf you are like me, you were taught that a college education was the key to your dream job, and your dream job was the key to everything else you want in life: a good salary, solid retirement, a happy wife, family vacations, and college funds for your kids. What everyone forgot to tell you is that going to college does not make you any more special than the other 1.8 million students who will graduate this year, which means your dream job may remain just a dream for quite a while. So how do you live life in the mean time?

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The Power of Reaching the Campus

collegeI heard something today that I wanted to share, because it highlights what I believe is the most untouched yet influential area of ministry undertaken by the American Church: the college campus. What follows is a quote from Albert Mohler, one of evangelical Christianity’s foremost thinkers.

[I]t’s hard for us to argue against that very fundamental assumption – that what happens on the American college and University campuses long-term far more important than what happens in Washington, regardless of which party is in control.

The reason for that is clear. On the American College and University campus, that’s where the issue of worldview is being hammered out. That’s where young people are developing the ideas that are likely to last for a lifetime. And if you win the battle there – the ideological, the worldview battle –you win battles that are far more consequential than anything that can take place in politics.

Ideas matter. I think of J. Gresham Machen’s quote: “What is today a matter of academic speculation begins tomorrow to move armies and pull down empires.” College campuses are the cage fighting ring of tomorrow’s cultural movement; it is long past time for churches to strap on the gloves and step into the cage.

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Is Christianity Exclusive? Yes and no.

midcentury-modern-doorsOne of the most common critiques of Christianity in Western culture comes from an accusation of its inherent exclusivity. The cultural, social, and political elites of our age have judged the values of our time, and have thus decided to exclude exclusion from polite society. As such, a religion marked by one way, one truth and one light fails to open enough doors to include everyone. This anti-exclusive dogma is the most dangerous type of nonsense imaginable – nonsense turned common sense.

Therefore, I would like to explore two functional definitions of exclusivity followed by a response to the charge of Christian exclusivity as evil. Hopefully, what is common sense will be displayed as nonsense.

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Nothing is Absolute. Really?

thinkingWhenever I hear someone say “Nothing is absolute”, I immediately put on my serious, sober-minded, thinking face as I respond, “Are you absolutely sure?” It is a silly way to respond to a serious question, but it does illustrate a big problem. To state nothing is absolute is to make an absolute statement. “Nothing is absolute” is a self-defeating statement. It says too much. It is sort of like telling someone you don’t know how to speak English. In English.

But I get why it makes sense to a lot of people.

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The Gospel Coalition

Tid-bits and Trifles on Faith, Culture, and Church from Whitney Clayton

The Gospel Coalition

Tid-bits and Trifles on Faith, Culture, and Church from Whitney Clayton