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A plea to Christians in this important time, BE COURAGEOUS!

0708151631If this post were a picture of my newborn son, I believe it would receive about 150 likes from many of the Christians with whom I am dear friends. Because it is about abortion, I expect it to receive about 10.

I don’t think this is because I am friends with duplicitous, shallow, or uncaring believers. I think it is because most of us lack the courage it takes to look evil in the face.

The word abortion, as a noun, means virtually nothing. It is politi-speak in our culture, and we have learned to ignore it. I am talking about abortion as a verb. The action of abortion is pure evil. It is horrific. And because of this great horror, we usually choose to look away rather than engage.

Christian, you must show courage! Look upon the evil we have allowed in our cities. Look upon the killing field strewn with the bodies of the most defenseless non-combatants the world knows. Find the indignation you feel when you see an abused puppy from a puppy mill, and use that to push you towards the killing machine of Planned Parenthood, killing 900 babies every day. Look at how they harvest organs, LEGALLY! Children are being sacrificed on the altar of lifestyle. Human bodies are being crushed and literally torn apart so that we may lay those parts on the altar of scientific research, giving our children to the medical gods we hope will give back to us health.

This is the reality of what is happening. Look at it. Be repulsed. Be sickened. Have the images of our evil burned into your conscience. Be courageous, and face evil. Because we may have the chance to affect real change.

I think we stand on the precipice of change. For the first time in forty years, abortion is being brought to the front of our cultural consideration. Please do not back down in considering it. I want to provide a list of resources which will track important points of this issue. And I want to give some pointers for keeping the discussion focused.

When King David wanted to enact momentous change, the Bible tells us he recruited a group of men known for their wisdom – the men of Issachar. They “had understanding of the times, and knew what Israel should do.” There many voices crying out right now, so I want to point you to the ones who cry out with wisdom. These people understand the times in which we live. And they are telling us what we should do.

Pay attention. Don’t look away. Share the truth. Pray for change. May God end the reign of child murder in our land.

For a concise explanation of the reality of abortion, read the transcript from John Piper’s sermon, paying specific attention to his 10 bullet points at the end: Father, Forgive, For We Know What We Are Doing

On Planned Parenthood, and the current controversies:

Russell Moore penned one of the best responses to date when this controversy first broke.

Albert Mohler explains the moral reality of what is going on in our collective cultural heart here.

Denny Burk has been tracking this controversy from the beginning, and his posts include the videos at the center of the controversy here (What Planned Parenthood Is And Why Its Work Is Evil), here (Why The President of Planned Parenthood’s Apology Doesn’t Work), and here (More Smoking Gun Evidence of The Evil of Planned Parenthood).

For some commentary on how this story is being handled in the media, and why it is imperative that you share these posts in your social media circles:

Molly Hemingway shows how pathetic the coverage of this issue has been here. And she also provides the rest of us with a TON of questions that reporters should be asking, but just don’t.

Denny Burk helpfully breaks down what Planned Parenthood is saying in their apologies and press releases. Please do not be fooled – this issue is not about whether the sale of fetal body parts is legal! It is about whether this is moral, and if it should be illegal. Denny also asks an important question of our President, who has spoken out about people waving Confederate flags (which is an embarrassment to those people and our country), but remained silent about the trafficking of human body parts.

Justin Taylor has a great video clip of one anchor discussing the moral reality of abortion in the history of our nation.

I also want to point out Trevin Wax’s simple question which I, for one, would love to hear Planned Parenthood champions answer.

Now, oddly enough, one of the only aspects of this whole controversy being covered at length is whether or not the sting videos,  the ones that catch the “doctors” discussing how they get baby organs without crushing them like the rest of the baby, is illegal or immoral. Doug Wilson handles that from a Christian perspective when he answers the question, “Is deceiving the abortion doctors morally wrong?”

What can we do?

Doug Wilson gives 7 suggestions for what you can do with all of this information. I want to reiterate one of them very plainly: utilize social media to bring the dark deed of abortion into the light. Social media, at its best, gives a voice to those too small to be heard. Let the voiceless be heard through you.

And finally, the most important response any believer can give: pray and fast for the rescue of children.


Managerial Devilry

downloadAbortion is once again making waves in social media. #PlannedParenthood is the #2 trending topic on Twitter as I write this. It is still early enough in the sharing of this video that few major news outlets have been able to cover the topic responsibly. Here is one such article if you have not heard about what is happening.

I will give you the short version, quoted from one person, representing tens of thousands, horrified by the disparity between the grizzly subject of the conversation and the calm demeanor and posh setting in which it took place.

When I watched the video of the discussion between this doctor and a potential buyer of fetal body parts, I remembered a quote from the introduction to the The Screwtape Letters, by C.S. Lewis. Joe Rigney is the one who cauterized it in my mind in his seminar speech, Live Like a Narnian. It truly captures the reality of this type of horror. I just paraphrased the final line.

I live in the Managerial Age, in a world of “Admin.” The greatest evil is not now done in those sordid “dens of crime” that Dickens loved to paint. It is not done even in concentration camps and labour camps. In those we see its final result. But it is conceived and ordered (moved, seconded, carried, and minuted) in clean, carpeted, warmed and well-lighted offices, by quiet men with white collars and cut fingernails and smooth-shaven cheeks who do not need to raise their voices. Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a [a Planned Parenthood executive].

Joe Carter has pointed out that this trade in human body parts is most likely legal, with lots of paperwork to prove it. But legality does not determine the morality. And the harvesting of a baby’s head, legal or not, is morally reprehensible. I pray these disclosures of abortion industry practice will wake us up to the horror of abortion.

We are told that children in the womb are not really human on the one hand, and then we harvest human organs from their still warm corpses with the other.

And at the end of the day, those who prey upon our permissiveness sit at beautiful tables in nice restaurants, sipping wine, calmly discussing the best methods for extracting organs from a child they just finished killing. No amount of outrage can justify our culpability in this societal evil. We need to speak out and put a stop to the slaughter of innocent children.

Elections are coming. Please, make this your single issue, and vote accordingly.

unHappy Anniversaries

embryosuckingSome Anniversaries are great. Marriage anniversaries. Birthdays. The start of the college football season. Some anniversaries are not so good. The death of a loved one. 9/11 or December 7th.  Today.

Roe vs. Wade turns 41 today.

I have two kinda random thoughts on abortion, one concluding thought, and a number of good links to clarify your thinking.

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