A Question for Young Christians

What frustrates you most about being a young Christian?

There are a lot of problems which, although not limited to young people, usually epitomize youth.

Usually we are the ones who                                                     say stupid things, kanye


do stupid things, miley




refuse to learn from our mistakes,lindsey

twitter and glorify others who do the same.

*This does not refer to the President; it demonstrates the lunacy of Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber capturing more of our attention than him.


And I am not trying to bash these people. I think they make the same mistakes we do; they just have millions of people watching them do it. I think a lot of us simply struggle with normal difficulties that come from being young. Which is why I ask the question for a bigger project on which I’m working.

So again, what frustrates you most about being a young Christian?

Your issue may not even be something you do. Your frustration may be a difficulty which comes from other people but centers on your youth. You tell me.

I ask this question for two reasons.

1. We live in a culture which idolizes youth (as a life stage), and, like all idolatry, it could dangerously distract you from feeling a subtle unease with the limitations of your age. Because there are limitations.

2. I encounter a major frustration related to my age fairly regularly in ministry, and I wonder if others encounter similar problems.

The frustration I encounter regularly in ministry is my limited knowledge of God’s Word. I know this is most heavily related to my personal study habits, so don’t think I am simply copping out here. I could study more, care more, and devote more to the Bible. But at the same time, I do not expect to respond with the Biblically saturated responses of someone who has followed the Lord for longer than I have been alive.

Just this past Sunday I had a faithful member approach me for advice, which I worked through over a ten minute period, giving a convoluted response to a tough dilemma. Our senior pastor walked by, so I grabbed him to ask his advice also. He quoted one scripture (that I cannot remember ever having read!) and gave all the answer this man needed. It took him 4 seconds! That exemplifies the benefit of years in comparison with the limitation of youth.

Although I encounter my own limitation with God’s Word fairly regularly, I do not think it is my biggest frustration.

My biggest frustration with my own youth is the difficulty I have controlling passion where passion is not necessary.  Every anthill seems like a mountain to conquer, and I attack those anthills with gusto! I already see where wisdom tempers and challenges my youthful passion, but it is a long slow walk from youthful immaturity to wizened age. That is my frustration.

I ask you though, what is your greatest frustration with being a young Christian?



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